Prayer for the week of sept 16, 2013

This is something new. Recently I was asked by one of my friends why I didn’t do a video post of me doing a prayer or giving instruction on my ideas of prayer. I thought that I would offer this prayer for going into our week for anyone that might like to partake. Please let me know what you think and if you would like to see more of this on YouTube, Facebook, and WordPress from me. Blessings 🙂

Blog 13 Choosing the posstive and getting past negative thoughts, situations, and self talk

How to get past negative thoughts, situations, self talk, and how to reframe to the positive. We choose how our lives are at any given moment and how life will effect us. Negative self talk is the plague that ruins the moment and prevents us from mining the gold from any situation. We are the captains of our thoughts, our minds, and our lives. The choice is ours whether we live in Heaven or Hell. They are both of our own making.

Blog 12: My Ego is my Jailer

This blog is about how everyone we meet and everything interact with is a reflection of our own processes, and how we assign meanings to people by what they represent to us in our personal inner world. Its amazing how much of this is controlled by our egos.

New video for Backpacks for San Felipe

This is a video on a charity put together by Jessica Ireland to help the underprivileged children of San Felipe Mexico get school supplies to be able to go to school. It is also about obtaining housing for a child that sleeps outside in 100 plus degree temperatures. His home is pallets and throw away material. Just a little help can do so much.